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Accessible and powerful application that comes with a solid server security and allows you to easily maintain server consistency

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Deep Freeze Server is an advanced backup and recovery solution intended to help administrators ensure the security of data stored on servers. What this application actually does is save the configuration of the operating system and the installed applications and restore it all at the next reboot.

Deep Freeze Server is a convenient way to prevent server damage or malfunctioning due to malicious attacks or uncalled for changes. You can use it to create the perfect configuration just as you see it and easily restore it at a later point.

Unlike the Deep Freeze Server Enterprise version that features centralized management, the standard edition is suitable for handling a maximum of 5 servers.

The application is the solution to have for protecting the data integrity of the server and all the installed programs. The Configuration Administrator is the place where you can manage workstations and drives, review events and perform maintenance operations. It enables you to choose the drives to protect and manage the thaw spaces (the content of these sections is automatically retained during reboot).

You can use this software solution to safeguard data on your Windows Server computer by creating a snapshot of its initial configuration and activate Deep Freeze Server to revert all the changes.

Deep Freeze Server is designed to ignore all the modifications that have been made to the system if the server is restarted while the program is activated and restore it to the initial state. Its purpose is to prevent changes or malware attacks from affecting the server's well functioning.

Deep Freeze Server was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on December 19th, 2013
Deep Freeze Server - Deep Freeze Server is a tool that allows you to set a password for each workstation.

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