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Dealing with computer drivers isn't exactly the type of job appropriate for less experienced users, therefore finding and installing the right drivers for your devices is something that should be left to professionals and specialized software.

One utility that is designed to handle this delicate task is Driver Magician, an application that can manage all the device drivers on your system. It can perform a variety of operations to make sure your computer has the latest updates.

First of all, there's the backup utility. Driver Magician can save all your drivers and it offers you three choices in this respect: you may back up the files to folders, to a compressed file, to a self-extractor or to an auto-setup package.

The program also has a much needed restore function, which means you can easily install drivers from a previous backup. During our test it took just a few minutes to do so and everything worked without a glitch.

But perhaps the best function of this tool is the update feature that checks the drivers version installed on your computer and allows you to download and install newer versions on the fly. Nonetheless this process can take some time if there are several updates to be done, because you can only upgrade to the latest version only one driver at a time.

All things considered, Driver Magician does an excellent job when it comes to handling computer drivers. It has some very useful backup and restore capabilities, the driver update feature also works a treat so this software can easily be one of the recommended choices from its category.

Driver Magician was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 3rd, 2015
Driver Magician - Driver Magician allows you to select the drivers you want to backup from the main window.Driver Magician - You can use the Restore Drivers window of the program to select the backup you want to restore.Driver Magician - Driver Magician is a software that can be used to search for updated versions of your drivers.Driver MagicianDriver MagicianDriver MagicianDriver MagicianDriver MagicianDriver Magician

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