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FinalData is the industry-standard software utility for on-the-spot data recovery

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Everybody wished at some point to recover accidentally deleted data, especially personal photos or official documents, since they tend to be unique and hard to remake.

Luckily, Windows does not permanently delete files, it just shifts a few memory registries, meaning that data can be recovered quite easy. This can be a double-edged sword, because sometimes files are meant to be wiped, thus requiring specialized software.

On the bright side, FinalData Enterprise Network is a reliable application that can help you recover lost files or accidentally deleted ones from your hard drive or USB device.

Fast file recovery

The program allows you to scan a certain drive or flash device for deleted files and registries, after which you can attempt to recover them. FinalData Enterprise Network displays the current status of a file, whether it is damaged, deleted or normal.

In addition, the application allows you to search for files, which takes longer, or to scan for the start cluster of a file, which is faster and it allows you to scan for the rest of the file after selecting it for recovery.

Handy additional tools

FinalData Enterprise Network features a few utilities that can help you better manage the recovered files. You can preview a file, to make sure it is the one you want to recover, or view its machine code.

Furthermore, you can view all the memory clusters and sectors on a disk, very useful for when you search for residual logs and memory traces that might help you find your deleted files.

Additionally, you can compare files, a tool that comes in handy when you deleted multiple copies of a file, and you only need to recover one.

An overall good file restoring application

FinalData Enterprise Network can help you regain your accidentally deleted or lost files, by scanning your drives and recovering any file that you need.
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Last updated on March 17th, 2014

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FinalData Enterprise NetworkFinalData Enterprise NetworkFinalData Enterprise Network

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