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A simple and very easy to use application that was especially created in order to provide users with a simple means of backing up their flash drives

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Copying the content stored onto a portable device like an USB Flash drive is a simple task that anyone can do with a few clicks. Nonetheless, there are some utilities which were devised to make this operation even easier.

Flash Backup is one such tool and it aims to provide a bit more than a simple copy function for portable storage devices.

Quick setup and minimalistic GUI for fast backups

Installing this program onto your PC should take only a couple of moments and then you will be able to open and use it as needed. The small main window offers just about enough room for all the commands to fit and to be accessed with ease.

There are no complex configurations to be made, so the two buttons and drop-down menu for selecting the target drive are pretty much all there is to it.

Copy files with a couple of clicks and have the data synchronized automatically

The way in which Flash Backup works is quite simple and you only have to connect the Flash memory drive to have it appear in the device list, then choose a location for storing the files it hosts and press 'Backup now!'.

At first glance this is all one can do with this software, but it is capable of a bit more than that. More precisely, if you copy other files o the portable device and re-connect it to the computer on which this tool is installed and start the program, it will sync the data on the spot, so all the new items will be copied in the same folder as the one chosen the first time.

A good companion for all who often transfer files between a PC and portable storage devices

To conclude, Flash Backup can certainly be an effective helper and manage file transfers for all users who rely on USB memory drives to move data. The automatic synchronization capability sets it apart from other similar utilities and makes it a good choice for advanced users and beginners alike.

Flash Backup was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on May 22nd, 2014
Flash Backup - Flash Backup will open in your system tray enabling you to access the application's options.Flash Backup - You can select the drive that you want to backup in the main window of Flash Backup.

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