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If you have problems with a damaged hard drive that does not allow access to the stored information, GetDataBack for FAT can help you recover the data in three easy steps. As the program name clearly states, it finds files only on FAT file systems and it supports FAT 12, 16 and 32.

Regardless of the reason of the disk damage, the program scans the entire disk surface and finds any files that can be recovered. The common disk issues are often related to a virus attacks, power failures that lead to system crash or accidentally deletion of important system files.

The first step of the recovery process is to select the drive and scan it for files. It is recommended to you install the application and save any recovered file on a different drive than then one you try to recover from. The scan report displays the properties of the scanned partition and the file systems that were found on the disk.

After choosing the system file you are able to browse through the files, choose the ones you want to recover and copy them to a local folder. To check the integrity of the files the application allows you to preview them with the built-in viewer or by opening them another program. If the number of recoverable files is too big, the program includes an advanced search function that allows you to search by filename, size, date and type (deleted or undeleted).

GetDataBack for FAT can also create a disk image that can be compressed, stored in a secure location and used to recover the files at a different time. Beside scanning the local disk drives the application can open disk images, compressed disk images, virtual images and remote physical drives connected via LAN or a serial cable.

From our point of view GetDataBack for FAT is a solid solution for users that need to recover files and can bring you the satisfaction of getting back the data that you believed to be lost forever.

GetDataBack For FAT was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on May 25th, 2013
GetDataBack For FAT - In the main window of the application, you can select a logical or a physical drive.GetDataBack For FAT - From the File menu of GetDataBack For FAT, you can load or save your recovered files.GetDataBack For FAT - To access the Options window, the user needs to launch the Tools tab.GetDataBack For FAT - By accessing the Recovery tab, you can choose to recover the lost files.GetDataBack For FAT - screenshot #5

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