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One-click web site updates, file sync and remote backups over FTP





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InstantSync is a desktop tool designed for high speed file synchronization, mirroring, replication and backups over FTP. The underlying smart SyncDB file tracking technology guarantees that only new and changed files are transferred, making it perfect solution for web site updates and backups.

The Sync Preview feature allows you to see the sync results without actually transferring anything, and helps you to test and fine tune sync task filters and other options.

The InstantSync accelerates file transfer with multithreaded transfer engine and on-the-fly file compression. It also supports automatic retries, reconnectes and resume for error free file transfers. Extensive logging options with multiple log file rotation schemes are available.
Last updated on April 16th, 2014
InstantSync FTP - InstantSync FTP will help you perform one-click web site updates, file sync and remote backups over FTPInstantSync FTP - Users will be able to quickly and easily create new tasks within the Sync Task WizardInstantSync FTP - The Select the transfer direction step of the wizard will provide users with Upload / Download file to / from server optionsInstantSync FTPInstantSync FTPInstantSync FTPInstantSync FTPInstantSync FTP

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