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As its name implies, MBR Regenerator is a simple, yet handy tool that allows you to repair the Master Boot Record section in case this boot sector is corrupted or infected and prevents your computer from starting.

The program interface is simple, comprising only a system information box (displays the operating system version and architecture), the prompt console (where you can view all the program's actions) and the 'Options' section that allows you to choose the MBR regeneration preferences.

Users can choose to rebuild the MBR sector, which means that the software re-writes the original boot loader. Practically, it replaces the MBR code with a fixed functioning code, which resets the MBR and makes the system boot again, all this without losing data on your hard drive.

Its technology can clean, repair and restore the activation system to its original state, install the trial key and rebuild tokens. However, you can disable this option and MBR Regenerator tries to retrieve all the files stored in the 'System32' folder.

The software can run the MBR regeneration system, which allows you to repair your computer and gain access to your system. Also, it can inject vital core files (e.g. shell32.DLL, explorer.exe) that the system needs to properly function. A rearming option is also available.

After the recovery process is finished, simply restart the computer and you can use your system normally, just as if nothing ever happened.

If case of boot failure due to MBR problems, MBR Regenerator can prove to be a handy recovery solution, while avoiding data loss. However, it only works on Windows 7, so if you are still using an older operating system, this application is not the tool for you.

MBR Regenerator was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on December 28th, 2012
MBR Regenerator - This is the main window of MBR Regenerator where you can start the regeneration process

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