NAS Data Recovery

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Quickly and effortlessly recover data from multiple types of damaged NAS storage devices, with this straightforward piece of software

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NAS Data Recovery is an easy-to-use application that can help you recover the content of damaged network-attached storage devices. It features an intuitive wizard mode that guides you through the recovery process, so that you only have to follow a few basic steps.

While the application was clearly designed with simplicity in mind, it does offer some advanced functions that may prove challenging for some, as little documentation is included. Also, the program's interface is visually unimpressive and very out-of-date.

Offers a step-by-step wizard mode

After launching the application, you are presented with a recovery wizard that aims to simplify the file retrieval process. You can view all the available disks and choose which of them should be scanned for NAS volumes.

The program also allows you to add IMG, IMC or VIM image files that have been used to store a backup of your drive.

You can also alter some advanced NAS analysis settings, although novices should probably avoid them, as no instructions are offered regarding their effects.

Filter results and save files

Once the application has completed the recovery operation, it displays the drives and their contents in a tree structure and allows you to navigate through the search results.

You can narrow down the results by applying various filters, then save the files to another location on your computer.

Lacks adequate documentation and features an outdated interface

Visually, NAS Data Recovery is not a very impressive application. It offers a very outdated user interface that does not appear to have been updated for quite some time.

Additionally, while the program is relatively easy-to-use, it offers very little documentation. As a result, the application's more advanced analysis settings may prove to be difficult for some users to understand.

All in all, NAS Data Recovery is a useful application, designed to offer a simple method of recovering data from network-attached storage devices.

NAS Data Recovery was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu
Last updated on August 12th, 2015
NAS Data Recovery - The application can help you recover data from damaged network-attached storage devices.NAS Data Recovery - You can find specific files within the search results, by applying various attribute and content filters.NAS Data Recovery - NAS Data Recovery displays all the disks that can be searched for NAS volumes and allows you to specify which of them should be processed.NAS Data Recovery - screenshot #4NAS Data Recovery - screenshot #5

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