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A simple yet very efficient application whose main function is to help you recover lost or accidentally deleted photos, but also documents, videos or songs

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NTShare Photo Recovery is a reliable and user-friendly piece of software developed to offer you an easy method of retrieving the files you may have lost or erased by mistake, be they photos, documents, songs or videos.

The program is quite simple to handle, requiring no experience with similar applications thanks to is very straight-forward interface. In order to start recovering your data, all you need to do is select the targeted drive, which can be a local or a portable disk, as NTShare Photo Recovery supports such operations even on USB sticks, SD memory cards or digital cameras, being able to return satisfying results from any device.

Additionally, you can select the preferred file type, being able to choose between 'Photos', 'Music', 'Movies' and 'Documents. From the 'Detail Settings' however, you can select every format you target individually, so you can recover only the items that you want, without having to waste time with useless data.

Subsequently, you can press the 'Scan' button and NTShare Photo Recovery will begin to analyze the selected drive, looking for items that were lost during disk formatting or from an accidental deletion. The tool displays a progress bar in order to let you know how far along it is and how many files it has found.

When done, the results will be displayed in a tree view, enabling you to preview the files you can recover, organized according to their format. Also, you have the option of only displaying deleted files, so as to make your task easier. You can then press the 'Recover' button and the utility will begin to retrieve the files, saving them to the specified location.

To conclude, NTShare Photo Recovery is a useful and easy to understand application that can assist you in regaining access to any lost or erased files from your computer or other removable media, saving you a lot of time and effort in the process.

NTShare Photo Recovery was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 22nd, 2014
NTShare Photo Recovery - The main window of NTShare Photo Recovery allows you to select which drive you want to scanNTShare Photo Recovery - The Step 2 tab features a progress bar and it enables you to start, pause or stop the scan processNTShare Photo Recovery - After analyzing the selected drive, the tool allows you to preview and choose which items to recoverNTShare Photo Recovery - screenshot #4NTShare Photo Recovery - screenshot #5NTShare Photo Recovery - screenshot #6NTShare Photo Recovery - screenshot #7NTShare Photo Recovery - screenshot #8

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