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An intuitive and reliable Oracle database recovery solution that helps you restore information from damaged or corrupted DBF, ORA or DMP files

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Databases usually contain important data, that is why backing them up is essential in order to maintain information consistency. But accidents sometimes occur and database files may become damaged or unreadable, due to virus attacks or system crashes.

This is where Recovery for Oracle comes in handy. The application allows you to recover damaged or corrupted Oracle database files, so that any information that they contained can be reused.

Intuitive and easy to use database recovery tool

The program can help you seamlessly restore information from damaged Oracle database files, that would otherwise not be accessible. This way, you can get your hands on every piece of information lost in a corrupted database.

Furthermore, you can recover only the tables and objects you need, which can help you avoid time loss when repairing large databases, as you do not have to fix all the tables and queries, just the ones you want to.

Reliable and convenient Oracle database fixing utility

Recovery for Oracle has the tools necessary to help you easily restore data from damaged DBF, ORA or DMP files on the spot. Once recovered, the application can help you replace the damaged files from your database with the repaired ones.

Aside from this, you can generate detailed reports whenever you attempt to recover damaged databases, in order to be able to analyze them later on, or send them to a specialized person who might determine why your databases was corrupted or damaged.

A dependable Oracle database restorer with user-friendly interface

To draw a conclusion, Recovery for Oracle provides you with a robust environment for recovering information from damaged or corrupted Oracle databases. You can select which objects, tables or queries will be recovered, then use the application to replace the damaged data from your database with the restored one.

Recovery for Oracle was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 8th, 2014
Recovery for Oracle - Recovery for Oracle allows you to restore information from corrupted or damaged database files.Recovery for Oracle - From he File menu, you can start recovering a database file or open the folder that contains your logs .Recovery for Oracle - You can select the database files you want to recover, or let the application automatically detect them for you.Recovery for OracleRecovery for Oracle

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