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A simple and reliable Firefox extension that enables you to backup your Pinterest uploads, so you never run the risk of losing them





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Pin4Ever is a handy and reliable Firefox extension meant to help you create backups of your pins from your Pinterest account.

You can rely on Pin4Ever to restore pins, locate duplicate entries or find the pins previously removed from Pinterest.

Additionally, it integrates dedicated Pinterest functions such as Move, Copy, Delete, Rearrange and Upload, whereas the Pin Anything feature comes in handy when pinning any element on a certain webpage (it captures a user-defined screenshot of the page).

Another function of Pin4Ever is the Scroll to Bottom one, which is especially useful for the long Pinterest pages.

Note: If you want additional features, you can upgrade to a paid account.
Last updated on August 28th, 2013
Pin4Ever - Pin4Ever adds a new toolbar within Firefox and enables you to easily backup your pinsPin4Ever - You can easily explore your pins by entering keywords that will be searched in the text description or the URL linkPin4Ever - You can effortlessly create new pins by using the Pin Anything function and specifying a brief descriptionPin4EverPin4EverPin4Ever

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