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Performs sector by sector disk transfer with data recovery.

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Sooner or later, storage devices become unreliable and unless there is a safe copy of all the data on them, the chances to retrieve the information diminish with each minute that passes.

Roadkil's RawCopy is a simple utility designed to help you copy all the information available on a storage drive to a different, more reliable location.

Quick and simple installation

The product is easy to add to the system as the installation procedure does not require too much effort; if you can follow the simple instructions on the screen then the operation should complete without any unpleasant events.

As the name suggests, the application copies the raw information, which means that every byte is transferred as it is. Basically, once Roadkil's RawCopy finishes the transfer you can rest assured that the data can be processed at a later time as it no longer runs the risk of being damaged.

One-window program

The application consists in a single screen that allows you to select a source and target drive. The source can be any partition available on the system or an entire hard disk; the same goes for the target location, but it has to have at least the same size.

Once started, a progress bar indicates the advancement of the operation. Additional information relates to the errors encountered when reading the data from the source and when writing it on the target drive.

The result is a raw image that can be mounted into special software applications that permit exploring and extracting the content.


Roadkil's RawCopy is among the smallest utilities that can copy data sector by sector. During our tests it did its job without problems.

Keep in mind that the duration of the copying task is proportional with the data that has to be transferred.

Roadkil's RawCopy was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 24th, 2014
Roadkil's RawCopy - The main window allows you to select the source and the target hard disks.

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