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User-friendly program that helps you recover deleted files (e.g. documents, images, video, archives, emails) while offering support for a preview mode

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Unfortunate events happen all the time, especially when it comes to computers, as your important files can get infected by a virus or get accidentally deleted.

Retrieving them can be a great problem, especially when you don't have them backed up. A solution to this situation can be Recover My Files, a dedicated utility for finding and restoring deleted items.

Recover deleted or infected files

This thorough application is meant to bring back deleted files (e.g. documents, images, video, archives, emails), even if they have been infected or permanently removed from your Recycle Bin.

Supported media

Recover My Files can also recover documents after a hard disk crash or partitioning error, from external local drives (e.g. camera card, USB), and restore formatted hard drives. You can choose to scan for all erased files, or you can enter a keyword to restrict the search and the processing time.


On smaller  files, Recover My Files works quite fast. But if you choose to perform a complete format recovery, it could take some while. Also, be careful not to open multiple instances, because the overlapping may result in errors.

Preview mode and other handy features

The interface of the tool is both intuitive and well-organized, leaving plenty of room for previewing the files, or navigating around the files that have been found and analyze their MD5 hash. The search time is typically short, but if you don't have the patience to see the whole drive scanned, then you can just cancel the operation.

Another function provided by Recover My Files is exporting the file list to a standalone file that you can read at a later time to see if your most valuable files can be retrieved.

Bottom line

The unregistered version does not allow you to save the recovered files, so if you are satisfied with the files it detects, you can purchase a license for Recover My Files and unlock its full functionality.

Recover My Files was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 18th, 2014
Recover My Files - Recover My Files will help you quickly and easily recover deleted files, documents, graphics, Zip, email etcRecover My Files - The Start button will provide users with a window with two options - Recover Files / a DriveRecover My Files - Users will be able to select any of the available drive partitions as well as Add Image or RAIDRecover My Files - screenshot #4Recover My Files - screenshot #5Recover My Files - screenshot #6Recover My Files - screenshot #7Recover My Files - screenshot #8Recover My Files - screenshot #9Recover My Files - screenshot #10

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