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An easy to use file recovery tool that provides you with simple and efficient means of restoring important documents back to your hard drive

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Remo Recover is a recovery tool that helps you get back nearly all types of files that are lost due to system crashes, hardware damage and accidental deletion.

The application displays a minimalistic interface that makes it very easy for you to choose the appropriate type of file recovery and start the scanning process. Depending on the type of files you want to recover, the application provides you with multiple methods.

You can choose to recover deleted files and lost documents from any storage media or drive. Remo Recover offers you the means to restore files from corrupted partitions as well as from drives that have been purposely or accidentally formatted. The type of recovery that is used the most is that for multimedia files such as photos, videos and audio tracks.

To commence either of the mentioned types, you select it, choose the partition or drive to recover from and the scan begins. After it is completed, all the recovered files are sorted and displayed in a list of folders along with information about their size. To restore them to your hard drive you select the ones you want and then choose the output folder. In some cases restoring the files to their initial location can be a bad idea if the drive is still damaged or corrupt and for this reason you are given the chance to save the recovered files to a CD or DVD.

Remo Recover can recover files from partitions formatted in FAT12, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExtFAT, as well as from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 arrays. To improve its efficiency in case of damaged drives, the application allows you to save a scan process using its ‘Save Scan information’ feature that allows you to save time by not rescanning a drive. Moreover, you can create Disk Images in order to bypass the bad sectors of a disk.

In conclusion, Remo Recover is a practical and accessible application that can help you recover important documents in a simple manner.

Remo Recover was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on December 4th, 2013
Remo Recover - In the main window of Remo Recover you can choose to access the Basic, Media or Pro editionRemo Recover - The application enables you to recover deleted files or to scan drives that have been severely damagedRemo Recover - Using Remo Recover you can select the drive you want to scan and view its type and sizeRemo Recover - screenshot #4Remo Recover - screenshot #5Remo Recover - screenshot #6Remo Recover - screenshot #7

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