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Create backups of your important files and folders, synchronize directories and make sure that your documents are safe at all times

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SS-Backup is a forthright backup solution that can be used for creating copies of your important documents and files and transfer them on the same disk or a removable storage device for safe keeping.

Aside from backup jobs, the application can perform folder synchronizations and comparisons, allowing you to update a backup folder (by adding new files and deleting those that are no longer present in the source) without having to start the procedure from zero. When comparing two folders, the differences are shown in a LOG file of your choice, enabling you to view the files that are missing from one directory or the other.

Once the desired task is selected, you can enter the location of the source folder and the destination directory. You do so either by manually typing in their paths or by browsing for the desired folders using the built-in file explorer.

SS-Backup can perform incremental backups, which means that it compares the content of the original and the target directories in the process and copies just the files that are missing from the backup destination.

A configured task can be immediately sent to the queue using the designated option and removed in a similar way. Furthermore, you can save them as backup scripts and load them at a later time.

SS-Backup enables you to pause and resume currently executing operations, but in order to stop a process, you must eliminate it from the queue for good. Another downside is that tasks are executed in order, which means that you cannot set the application to proceed to the next queue item unless the previous operation is completed.

Despite some small inconveniences, SS-Backup carries out its mission without posing problems. Its simplicity makes it suitable for any user type, since the interface comprises clear and intuitive instructions.

SS-Backup was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 25th, 2014
SS-Backup - SS-Backup provides you with an intuitive tool that enables you to perform backups of files and folders on your PC.SS-Backup - You can use SS-Backup to backup, sync, compare and clean folders on your computer.SS-Backup - The 'Tasks' menu helps you add a new task to the queue and pause the current one.

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