Server Network Recycle Bin Tool

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You can use this simple and efficient application to recover files or other items deleted by you or other users from the shared network server






Server Network Recycle Bin Tool is a reliable and easy to use software solution developed specifically for shared network servers, in order to provide you with the ability to recover deleted files with ease.

Probably one of the most unpleasant things about shared networks is the fact that once you or other users erase a file, it becomes unrecoverable, as it does not go to Recycle Bin or any other location.

Server Network Recycle Bin Tool needs to be installed on the server in order to function properly and it will act as a Recycle Bin for your network, collecting all the deleted items from shared location and storing them to a user-defined folder, enabling you to easily retrieve them in case you need to work with them again.
Last updated on July 8th, 2015
Server Network Recycle Bin Tool - Server Network Recycle Bin Tool allows you to seamlessly recover deleted server files.Server Network Recycle Bin Tool - By accessing the Common tab, you can set the application to start automatically with Windows.Server Network Recycle Bin Tool - While in the Size Limit tab, you can set limitations on Network bin size, as well as file size.

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