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Copy all files and directories from one NTFS partition to another one and generate a bootable backup of your system volume so you can easily recover data

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Shadow Copy Cloner is a lightweight backup tool whose purpose is to help you copy all files and directories from one NTFS partition to another one, as well as create a bootable backup of your system volume for quick recovery in case of data loss.

The application makes use of the Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service in order to generate a point-in-time ‘frozen image’ of your source drive before cloning the disk. Plus, backup updates don’t take too much time because only the changed files are copied and not the entire information.

User-friendly layout

Shadow Copy Cloner reveals a clean feature lineup and employs a multi-tabbed environment for helping you clone partitions and work with several extra tools. There’s support for a help manual in case you need to know more about the utility’s backup capabilities.

Backup tasks

You are allowed to select a source drive for the backup, pick a target drive, make the target drive bootable, copy attributes (e.g. read-only, hidden) and access control lists on files and directories, ad well as remove any files and directories from the target drive that no longer exist on the source drive.

Plus, you can make the application use NTFC’s built-in archive attribute for detecting additional changes, use low I/P priority for minimal performance loss during a backup, and create an exclusion list with files and directories that are not included in the backup.

Shadow Copy Cloner shows the progress of a backup task with the aid of a progress bar, amount of data that has actually been copied in kilobytes, megabytes or gigabytes, as well as elapsed time.

Extra tools

The utility comes with support for additional tools that help you remove any Shadow Copy Cloner configuration files from a source or target drive and clear all partitioning on a target drive.

Bottom line

All things considered, Shadow Copy Cloner bundles several handy features for helping you back up your important information and recover it in case of data loss.

Shadow Copy Cloner was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on February 24th, 2015
Shadow Copy Cloner - The main window of Shadow Copy Cloner allows you to select the source / target drive.Shadow Copy Cloner - From the Tools tab of Shadow Copy Cloner allows you to reconfigure a drive.

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