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A handy and reliable software app that comes in handy to those who want to backup data or synchronize folders on a regular basis

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No matter how stable and fast a computer might seem, it is by no means the safest location for one’s most valuable files, since it can easily get infected or have a hardware malfunction which could in turn lead to data corruption or loss.

In order to prevent this, you can use a specialized application, such as SyncManager, that can regularly make backups of your files to the folder you specify.

Backup photos, videos, office documents or audio tracks

The installation process goes smoothly and you can access the intuitive user interface to start adding as many tasks as you need.

You need to begin by assigning the job a name, then select the source folder and choose the interval you prefer, be it manually, always, daily or weekly. Next, you need to navigate to the target directory, no matter if it is located on your local HDD, a removable USB drive or a network folder.

Automatically and regularly synchronize chosen folders

Once you settled on the source and the target folders, you can just leave it to SyncManager to always keep the two locations in sync, by constantly running in the background. This way, you do not need to manually perform the backup, unless you specifically selected this function.

Due to this utility, your documents are always safe since they are stored in two different locations, so if one of them gets compromised, you can simply use the data from the other folder.

Have a neat overview of your sync tasks

All in all, SyncManager can prove to be a handy utility for all those who wish to keep their documents safe at all times, without worrying that they might get lost due to PC malware infection or crash.

The app features an intuitive GUI and its functions do not require expert skills, so can be easily managed even by the novices.

SyncManager was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on June 20th, 2014
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