Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Pro

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An intuitive and user-friendly software solution that enables you to backup your Android contacts, calls, messages or photos on your computer

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No matter which operating system is running on your smartphone, you surely want to make sure your data is as secure as possible, so you often create backups, either in the cloud or on your computer.

If you own an Android phone, then Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Pro could come in handy as it is one of the many apps you can rely on to create backups for all or some of your mobile phone data.

Connect Android phones to the PC via Wi-Fi or USB

Once you install the utility on your computer, you need to select the most convenient method to connect your handset to the PC.

More precisely, you can use your Wi-Fi connection and scan a dedicated QR code to get the application running on both the device and the PC.

If this method does not work, you can try on the second option, to establish a connection using a compatible USB cable and following the instructions corresponding to the OS version you have (ranging from 2.3 to 4.2).

Scan your Android phone and preview the data to be recovered

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Pro features several types of data analysis, and if you are in a hurry, the Quick Recovery is probably the one to choose. It examines your Android handset and displays an overview of the detected items.

Alternatively, you can select the Deep Recovery if you want to look only for specific file types, namely contacts, photos, messages, videos, documents or email, that you might have accidentally erased.

Recover and backup Android data

All in all, the application could be of use to all those who want to restore data they have mistakenly deleted from their Android device.

Nonetheless, connecting the phone to the PC might prove to be more of a challenge than expected, since the connection is quite unstable no matter the method you choose (it might randomly disconnect, leaving you with no choice than perform the scan once more).

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Pro was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on February 18th, 2015
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