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Backup and recovery tool that includes all the diagnostic utilities you need for creating a bootable CD and running floppy-based programs

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The times when floppy disks were in the trend are long gone. Even though they’re history now, they were quite popular at one point, since they were the only portable devices around.

Their tiny capacity was used to store everything from documents to media content, but they were also the only solution to perform a system recovery.

Floppy disks are now on their way to extinction; but even so, there are situations that require floppy-based diagnostic utilities. When and if this happens, it’s best that you have those tools stored on a CD disc or even better, on a removable USB drive.

The best solution is to create a bootable CD that sports all the features of bootable floppy disks. This way, you have all the utilities you need on a single disc.

Ultimate Boot CD is a backup and recovery tool that includes all the diagnostic utilities you’ll ever require. In other words, you need this software to create a bootable CD in case disaster strikes and your computer breaks down.

User interface

Ultimate Boot CD features an interface that’s quite similar to the one of BIOS, so users accustomed to this approach won’t face significant problems. After you create your bootable CD and insert it in the computer, a text-based menu will appear and from here you can select the utility you want to run.

How it works

How does Ultimate Boot CD work? It simply creates a virtual instance of the floppy (very much similar to virtual CD/DVD drives), so that the computer reads it as a floppy drive instead of a CD drive.

Bottom line

If you prefer memory sticks, Ultimate Boot CD features a script that allows you to access the utilities from a removable drive in the same way as you would from the CD disc.

Ultimate Boot CD was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on May 25th, 2015
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