Universal Firefox Password Recovery

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A reliable application that tries to recover usernames and passwords that are stored by your Mozilla Firefox browser and save them to an XML file

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Universal Firefox Password Recovery can come in handy for those situations when you cannot access the list of saved passwords in Firefox, due to an error or some other reason. Under such circumstances, such an application can be a real life saver, providing a quick and convenient way to retrieve lost credentials.

Simplicity and ease of use

The application automatically detects the location where the Firefox browser keeps your passwords and recovers them for you, displaying them in a structured table.

Once started, its forthright interface is revealed, comprising just a few options encased in a single window. It starts by checking your computer for the presence of Firefox and after that you can proceed to retrieving the countersigns.

Recover passwords in an instant and save the results locally

Your only task is to press the 'Recover Passwords' button and the results are displayed within seconds. Aside from the username and the account password, you can also view the corresponding URL.

If your browser is protected with a master password, you must provide it first. The search result can be easily saved to an XMLfile and stored on your computer for later reference.

In case Firefox is not installed on your computer, the application can recover the credentials from an external custom file. To do so, you must import the login data (the 'key3.db' file) into the application, which takes care of the decryption process and shows you the usernames and passwords.

Please note that the browser settings allows the content of the login data file to be displayed exclusively on the computer that initially encrypted it, so any attempt to reveal the passwords on other machines will fail.

A quick way to find out credentials stored by Firefox

To conclude with, Universal Firefox Password Recovery is a convenient way to recover passwords and usernames stored in Firefox, either directly from the browser or from a custom file.

Universal Firefox Password Recovery was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on March 12th, 2014
Universal Firefox Password Recovery - Universal Firefox Password Recovery can help you retrieve passwords that Firefox is storing.

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