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A small command line tool for backuping folders from your hard drive

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Backing up files on a constant basis is a healthy practice and there are plenty of tools on the market ready to assist you in this endeavor.

A simple approach is offered by WPBackup, which is built for creating safe copies of local folders, offering the possibility to protect them with a password.

No graphical user interface

The program does not require to be installed and it does no sport a graphical user interface because it is console-based.

Immediately after launch the program shows the complete set of supported commands and parameters. The list of commands is short, but there are plenty of parameters to customize them.

Rich list of functions

Among the abilities of WPBackup is the possibility to archive the contents of the target folder and apply password protection.

It can also determine the files that have been changed based on several parameters. The most reliable of them is running a CRC check that reveals if the content of the file went through changes.

Alternatively it can verify the modification time. Enforcing any of these types of verification ensures that the application makes safe copies only for the changed data.

There is support for creating selective backup files that do not include all the items in a folder. This is carried out by making a list of exclusions.

In order to save space, WPBackup presents the possibility to update the snapshot of the folder as well as work with more than one snapshot.


Because of the console-based interface the application does not attract the crowd and the limited set of features are of no particular appeal, either. On the other hand, users accustomed to command lines and in need of a simple way to create a folder backup should find it an interesting alternative.

WPBackup was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 2nd, 2014
WPBackup - In the Command Prompt window you can view the command line options for backing up your software

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