Windows Live Writer Backup

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A backup utility for Windows Live Writer





The name WLWBackup stands for Windows Live Writer Backup. WLWBackup was developed to be a backup utility for Windows Live Writer. This includes blog settings, posts and plugins.

- I have as best I can made it backward compatible with the previous version. So any backups made with the old one should still be able to be restored using the new program.
- Unfortunately I have had to remove all the command line parameter options that existed in the previous version, which does mean this can no long be a scheduled task. I will look into changing this back so that it can be, but for now, this functionality has been removed.
- When restoring, please make sure Writer is closed, especially if you're restoring plugins.
Last updated on March 12th, 2014
Windows Live Writer Backup - Choose what you want to backup (posts, settings, plugins, etc), and then click the Backup buttonWindows Live Writer BackupWindows Live Writer Backup

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