Wise disc recovery

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A software utility designed to recover data from damaged or corrupted discs, by going over their bad sectors and retrieving the detected blocks of information

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Although optical media is not very popular anymore, you may still own a few CDs or DVDs with certain data that cannot be copied on your computer due to various reasons. Thus, in case these discs get damaged somehow, you can be left unable to retrieve the information stored on them, even if not all the sectors are affected by the corruption.

Recover data from optical discs

Wise disc recovery is a software solution designed to lend you a helping hand when it comes to retrieving data from badly damaged optical discs, by enabling you to repeatedly read over the corrupted sectors and combine multiple copies of the same CD in order to restore the entire contents. Hence, if you own more than one copy of the same disc, you can sum up their sectors and recover the information stored on them.

Before beginning the procedure, though, you first need to run through a calibration process, which aims to collect data about your drive and whether it supports read speed changing. In addition, you can also view details about the device type, such as if it is able to recognize CDs, DVDs or Blu Ray discs.

Set the desired accuracy

Once the calibration is completed, you can head on and set up the accuracy level to employed during the recovery. This is used to control the number of repeated readings for each bad block it stumbles across, as well as how many sectors to skip once a damaged one is detected by the utility. To adjust these settings, you can just make use of the built-in slider.

If the recovery procedure is able to retrieve the data, it saves the files into the desired output folder, which can be manually chosen when the application is first executed. Furthermore, in case you have more than one copy of the disc, you can interchange them whenever bad sectors are discovered, in order to save the files without any quality loss.

A quick and reliable disc recovery utility

Thanks to the easy-to-use and familiar interface, Wise disc recovery greatly simplifies the data retrieval process. In addition, the fact that it can work with multiple disc copies at the same time and use various accuracy levels during the procedure makes the application a very reliable tool to have on your computer.

Wise disc recovery was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 20th, 2014
Wise disc recovery - You can start the calibration process of your CD Drive from the main window of the application.Wise disc recovery - The accuracy settings enable you to increase sensitivity when it comes to badly broken discs.Wise disc recovery - You can view a summary at the end of the recovery procedure, detailing the total number of retrieved files.

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