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Measure the overall performance of your computer with highly detailed results and the possibility to compare it with others online

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AquaMark is a benchmarking system that allows you to measure your computer's performance level, and compare it to the latest technologies. It’s designed to give you a full report of what your video card is capable of. You can then reconfigure your system to meet the requirements needed for performing activities that involve advanced graphic capabilities.

Only suitable for older DirectX versions

AquaMark is aimed at DirectX 9 benchmarking, but not limited to it. You can still use it to test DirectX 8 or 7 compatible graphics cards too.

This tool has an extremely impressive interface, with astonishing graphics and sound effects. The main menu allows you to start measurements, access special features or options.

Multiple features to configure

The Special Features Section provides access to the AquaMark Overdraw Visualization Technique, where you can run the benchmark with pixels drawn pseudo-colored to show overdraw.

Other capabilities include an Automated Screen Grabber (where you can make a screenshot every given number of frames), Shader Visualization Technique (where you can run the benchmark to show complexity), and Pixel Performance Measurement (where you can run the benchmark twice to measure pixel shader performance).

Handle color setting to test out

From the Options panel, you can modify color depth, resolution, gamma correction, full-scene anti-aliasing, texture filtering, anisotropy quality, vsync, and triple buffering, after which you can test the changes.

Compare your results online

Once you have run a benchmark, you will receive a result concerning GFX and CPU, that you can submit online to compare with other computer systems. You should expect memory resources to be heavily used when AquaMark is functioning, but that’s completely normal for a benchmarking application.

To end with

All in all, this is a great piece of software for testing the graphic capabilities of your computer. It offers a neat experience while various configurable test cases are running, giving you in-depth results of how well your machine can perform under pressure. Use it with confidence!

AquaMark was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 5th, 2014
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