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Simple utility that can check the BIOS capabilities by running specific tests as well as detect information about the manufacturer and the chipset

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BIOS Wizard has been created as a simple solution for running various BIOS tests as well as to provide the user various details about the BIOS type.

No installation required

The application does not require installation and it can be run immediately after downloading the executable file.

Looks are practical and straightforward, with a list of tests running down in the left hand part of the application window, waiting to be initiated.

In the lower part of the screen there is information about the BIOS manufacturer, ID, date and ROM size. Also available are details about the chipset type and the Super I/O chip.

Select the desired tests

More than fifteen tests are present and the user has the possibility to select the ones they want to be checked for support. The list includes verification for plug & play, PCI, SMBIOS, APM, ACPI, ZIP booting, along with other tests.

If the user finds some of them that are not familiar there is the possibility to check the documentation file for the answer. All of them are explained, although some computer knowledge is required for full understanding of the details.

There are no options per se in the application; the only choices available to the user are enabling and disabling some of the tests.

The verification procedure is quite fast and during our evaluation the program behaved normally. However, keep in mind that the tool has not been updated in a while and the list of tests it can handle and it does not include the more recent technology advancements.

Old-school BIOS testing tool

BIOS Wizard is not a modern too, but it can be used with older systems. The application is easy to use and provides sufficient documentation about the tests it includes.

BIOS Wizard was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on May 23rd, 2014
BIOS Wizard - The main window of BIOS Wizard allows you to select the tests to runBIOS Wizard - The Options window of BIOS Wizard lets you see the available test

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