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Stress your CPU with this utility just by selecting which cores you want to put to the test in order to monitor your system's stability

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CPU Overload provides you with a tool to put your CPU to the test in order to detect any vulnerabilities that it may conceal during the times it idles or it is only required to perform simple calculations.

The processor or CPU (central processing unit) of your computer is the very heart of the system. Well, it can also be perceived as the brain, but then, it’s only a matter of taste and, as we all know, there is no accounting for taste.

As long as your CPU runs cool, it runs at it best. The moment it gets hotter and hotter towards its maximum temperature threshold, it starts acting weird and you would probably, immediately, feel the difference.

Thus, if you really care for your computer, you want to make sure that your cooling solution that you currently have installed for your processor can keep it in the right range of temperatures. Doing this requires one or two applications to stress it and monitor it at the same time.

While you may already know about solutions that integrate both aspects such as AIDA64, there are several other programs that manage one or the other side of the story. CPU Overload takes care of the stress tests for the processor(s) inside your PC case.

Although it does not feature various test and benchmark patterns, its quite simplistic interface encases options for selecting up to sixteen cores alongside options for start and stop of all-core testing. This way, you are handed the possibility to test exactly what cores you wish to and slowly build up the stress for the processor.

To sum it all up, CPU Overload does its little job brilliantly. Although it is not at all clear how it does it, it brings selected cores up to speed and puts them to the test very quickly and easily so you can monitor the behavior of your PC in particular, mainly the CPU, as well as in general because of the interconnectivity between hardware and software components.

CPU Overload was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on November 25th, 2013
CPU Overload - This is the main window of CPU Overload that allows you to test your CPU stress resistance.

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