Drive Speedo Race Edition

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A lightweight and reliable application designed to help you determine the writing speed of your system drives, depending on the size of the files

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Drive Speedo Race Edition is a simple yet useful application designed to test the writing speed of your typical disk drives. It can perform recurring writing tests in order to determine the drives’ performance, depending on the size of the file.

Drive speed

You can select which disk drive you wish to analyze and set the testing parameters. The software displays general information about the selected partition, such as the size and type. Additionally, it offers data about the operating system, RAM and processor.

The speed test requires that you specify the range file sizes to be written, by mentioning the inferior and superior limit, the measuring unit – megabyte or gigabyte – as well as the incrementing value. For a specific kind of test, you can select close values for the minimum and maximum, or a high incremental value.

Performance and results

Additionally, you need to specify the number of exams you wish the software to perform and the type of content the test file should feature. Thus if you test the speed of writing ASCII characters inside the test file, the output value can be lower than when writing 0 or 1 characters.

You can view the results as a detailed report or as a summary, in order to view the main conclusions of the test. The software can display performance and error reports, that you can view, then export to clipboard as rich or plain text.

Setting priority

The Settings window enables you to specify the level of main priority and fine tune priority. By default, they are set to the normal priority, but you can choose a higher or lower class. Increasing the levels results in a slower process.


Drive Speedo Race Edition is an intuitive application, whose purpose is to test your system drives’ writing speed. The result reflects the speed of file transfer between your partitions and it is influenced by the type of system you own, the processor’s performance, but most importantly the size and content of the file.

Drive Speedo Race Edition was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on May 23rd, 2014
Drive Speedo Race Edition - Drive Speedo Race Edition is an intuitive application that can calculate the writing speed of your disk drives.Drive Speedo Race Edition - You can view the results of the test in real time, as well as consult a detailed report at the end of the process.Drive Speedo Race Edition - The software can display the speed required for writing ASCII characters in the test file, or for writing binary code.Drive Speedo Race Edition - screenshot #4Drive Speedo Race Edition - screenshot #5Drive Speedo Race Edition - screenshot #6

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