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The professional tool for testing drive speeds

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Hdd Speed Test Tool is a handy application designed to help you test the speed of your hard disk drive. The method used by the program is to write a certain number of files to the drive and calculate the transfer rate.

You can use this program to check the speed of a disk drive and to compare the performance with other drives. It allows you to customize the test by setting the number of files and the size of the files.

The program allows you to disable the system cache and to enable the write through ability in order to test the performance under certain circumstances. The progress of the test can be followed on the main window of the application. There is no button for stopping or pausing the test, you just have to wait until it finishes.

The results of the test can be automatically stored in a log file in the root of the drive or saved as a text file in a user specified location. The report displays the writing time and the transfer rate.

Unfortunately the report is generated in German and there is no option to change the language. Although the program includes multiple language files, the language of the interface cannot be changed from the menus. You need to rename the Deutsch.lng file and to restart the program in order to change the interface to English.

The program requires insignificant resources and it has no impact on the performance of the system even when the Increase test priority option is checked. A simple test with 20 files of 10 MB took a little more than three minutes.

The Hdd Speed Test Tool is useful for the users that need to assess their hard drive performance and to compare it to other devices. However, the language issue can be a major drawback.

Hdd Speed Test Tool was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on June 5th, 2012
Hdd Speed Test Tool

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