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A useful memory benchmark

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MaxxMEM2 is a lightweight tool that allows you to estimate the performance of your computer’s memory with minimum effort. You can use it to compare the performance of multiple computers or to test different configurations on your machine.

Any overclocking enthusiast knows that the RAM performance is essential for the overall computer statistics. Whether you are just curious or intend to tune the memory for high performance, this tool can provide you with some basic information.

It can test the RAM speed when writing, reading or copying files and displays the results in the main window. You can also view the memory latency in order to estimate its effect on the computer performance.

If you want to test different CAS timings, this tool can help you estimate the results with just one click. The benchmark only takes about twenty seconds and allows you to store the results to the clipboard or as a JPG file.

You can use your results in order to compare your machine with other users or with the average scores for the type of memory detected on your computer. Although it might not be entirely relevant, it can show you if the performance can be improved by tweaking the RAM parameters.

The interface of the program is simple and easy to understand even by the users that have no previous experience with overclocking. Although it is not recommended to use other applications during the test, the benchmark had no impact on the computer performance.

MaxxMEM2 can be helpful for testing the RAM performance. Due to its simplicity it is recommended for both overclocking fans and casual users.

MaxxMEM2 was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on May 15th, 2013
MaxxMEM2 - MaxxMEM2 will help you quickly and easily measure your memory's performance and latencyMaxxMEM2 - The Options menu will provide users with various priority settings ranging from low to highMaxxMEM2 - Users will be able to save the benchmark screenshot to their computer or to clipboard for later useMaxxMEM2MaxxMEM2

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