McAfee TechCheck

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A quick check of your PC's performance.




McAfee TechCheck is designed to help you identify software or hardware issues that might lower your computer's performance.

Checks your PC's for issues with your operating system, network and browser configuration, hardware and peripherals, and your software and applications.

Reccomends McAfee TechMaster services that are available for purchase that can resolve your software or hardware issues identified through the diagnostic scan.
Last updated on January 26th, 2012
McAfee TechCheck - This is the main window of McAfee TechCheck, that allows you to view a summary of your computer scan.McAfee TechCheck - McAfee TechCheck detects issues in Operating System, such as Recycle Bin space.McAfee TechCheck - With McAfee TechCheck, you can detect issues about your applications, which you can then solve.McAfee TechCheckMcAfee TechCheck

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