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Test the capabilities and evaluate the performance of your computer's central processing unit with the help of this benchmark utility

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Webtile Bench is a simple, yet efficient CPU monitoring tool that can keep an eye on the usage of the central processing unit in real time, also providing you with a simple way to assess its capabilities.

Benchmark testing for the CPU

While it does not even go near a complete benchmarking utility, this application can be of use in case you want to verify the behavior of your computer under high CPU load or evaluate the reliability of specific software programs.

It comes with a set of three benchmark tests with different intensity levels, each performing complex mathematical calculations throughout a specific period of time, so as to assess the performance of your CPU under high stress. As expected, the CPU usage goes up to maximum during the tests, so make sure to run them with no other program opened.

Straightforward usage and CPU information

As far as usage is concerned, Webtile Bench shouldn't pose problems to users. It features a simple interface that encases all the options, with no additional menus or configuration possibilities.

The CPU usage is displayed in real time and clicking on it reveals detailed information regarding the CPU type and model, its manufacturer, the current clock speed and the number of cores.

Stress test for your computer's CPU

Leaving a small footprint on the host PC, Webtile Bench is a handy tool for assessing the performance of the central processing unit. It runs a stress test on the CPU to check its behavior, displaying the test time and the obtained score. The result can be compared to that of other similar hardware configurations so as to decide whether it's time for a hardware upgrade or not.

Webtile Bench was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on June 28th, 2014
Webtile Bench - The main window of Webtile Bench enables users to start testing the performance of their CPUWebtile Bench - Users can rely on Webtile Bench whenever they want to get details about the manufacturer or the name of their CPU

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