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An application that allows you to test and format you portable drive

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Check Flash is a compact utility that helps you test your flash memory devices such as an USB storage device. It can provide you with information regarding the speed that is achieved by the device in reading and writing operations.

To display the device information the application must perform a speed test to verify the read and write speed. The user can choose from three type of access types that are available in the application. Each type of access allows you to perform specific tests and provides useful data.

The application sports several access types: temporary file, as logical drive or as physical device in order to perform read and write tests. At the end you will see the medium speed for both operations and the information about the errors found on the disk. It is recommended to empty the disk before testing to be able to test the entire space.

The device can be approached as a logical drive which allows you to perform a read stability test and to save or load an image file to the disk. Each of these tests will provide with the same information (read and write speed). The Save image test allows you to create a perfect replica of the disk and save it as an IMG file. Later, you can restore the image to the same disk by using the Load image test.

Creating and loading a disk image can also be used as a disk recovery tool that allows you to save an restore a full partition image. You can select the test length that will suite your needs by running one or more full disk passes. You can check the flash until the first error is found or perform an intensive disk test that will run until you manually stop the process.

You can access the device as a physical drive and the application allows you to perform all the tests mentioned above and the Full erase test. Make sure that all information on the disk has been backed up because the device needs to be formatted after the testing process.

Check Flash provides you three easy ways to test your flash disk in a easy to use interface. Although some of the functions should be used with caution, it is a free solution that can prove to be useful.

Check Flash was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on May 9th, 2013
Check Flash - The main window of Check Flash enables you to select the drive you want to testCheck Flash - The Legend tab of Check Flash enables you to view what the test results represent

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