Extended Operating System Loader

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Boot management utility that provides the possibility to create a multi-boot panel in order to boot into the desired operating system

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Multi-boot systems are not uncommon as users require access to more than one operating system in order to carry out various tasks.

Extended Operating System Loader (XOSL) is a boot managing utility that can help the user create a menu with multiple boot options. According to the developer, the application can work with as many as 24 boot items.

Before trying out XOSL keep in mind that the application has been developed for less advanced operating systems. As such, it offers support for earlier generations of Windows (95/98, 2000).

Installation options

Although the operation is console-based, installing the tool should not be too difficult because the developer includes documentation files that provide all the proper instructions and points to the necessary utilities.

The two options available allow the user to install XOSL either to a DOS drive or to a specific partition; in the case of the latter all the information on the drive is destroyed.

Easy to handle GUI

To make things easier on the user the application makes available a graphical user interface that can be managed easily.

It offers the possibility to organize the entries of the various OSs by moving them up and down in the list. Also, it provides some visual customization options, such as the possibility to define its screen area.

XOSL relies on Smart Boot Manager, a tool that loads by BIOS and allows choosing the operating system the user wants to boot into.

Create a panel with multi-boot options

Extended Operating System Loader is not designed for the regular user and it may not work on modern operating systems.

Extended Operating System Loader was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on June 2nd, 2014
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