MBRWizard 3.0.46 beta / 1.53

A Master Boot Record management tool

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What's new in MBRWizard 3.0.46 beta:

  • In order to provide better support for the new disk types and flexibility of future options, the command line parameters for MBRWizard 3.0 have been restructured. Please check the reference guide for specific changes.
  • Partition numbering has been changed to base 1 (from 0). Please make sure to check the reference guide for details to ensure the proper parameters are being used.
  • Support for creating partitions has been added, including options to set the starting sector, size, sector aligment, and partition type.
  • Initial support for GPT includes basic backup/recovery, and partition deletion.
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MBRWizard is a command line utility designed to help you with the management of partitions and the Master Boot Sector on your hard drive.

The main perk of MBRWizard is that it saves you a lot of trouble if you are using it as a backup tool for your Master Boot Record. Thus, you can protect you system and hard disk configuration by backing it up to a distinct file, so in case you accidentally delete it or it becomes corrupted, it can be easily restored.

If you just found the application and are hoping to use it in order to repair the Master Boot Record, then you should know that MBRWizard was designed to replace the boot loader with a standard Windows XP one. So only use this function if you are currently running XP.

Other useful applications for MBRWizard are to copy the Master Boot Record to another sector, wipe the MBR clean, create a bootable flash disk or sort the partition entries in the MBR.

Apart from that, you can use MBRWizard to handle the partitions of your hard disk. You can set a partition as bootable using the application and choosing which partitions are to be active and which inactive. Easily hide or reveal a partition to protect your personal data from prying eyes. In fact, all the software does in this case is to modify the partition type in such way that it is not recognized by your operating system.

MBRWizard also helps you to quickly delete partitions by simply removing the related entry in the Master Boot Record. You can also get information regarding the size of the disk, the number of sectors and partitions, interface, partition order, disk signature or bootable status by simply typing the appropriate command.

In fact, the commands are quite intuitive and logical so you won't have a problem using them after a few tries. All that, plus the fact that is free and it can also be used as quick boot tool or to securely wipe the disk clean, recommends MBRWizard as a reliable MBR and partitions manager.

MBRWizard was reviewed by , last updated on December 8th, 2011

Runs on: Windows All

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