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A comprehensive and effective application that comes in handy for users who need to create a bootable image of their USB drive with ease

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Novicorp Bootable USB Replicator is a practical and effective application worth having when you need to create an image of your USB device within seconds.

Adopting a straightforward approach, the application features a wizard-like interface that guides you throughout the entire process of restoring a USB drive image or creating a new USB drive bootable image, according to your needs.

Novicorp Bootable USB Replicator relies on a short installation process which you should pay attention to in order to dismiss any third-party software that might be included in it and the application does not require to work properly.

By choosing the first option you are able to create a regular or a self-extracting image. However, you need to make sure that a USB device is connected to your computer, otherwise it won’t work. After you plug in a new removable device, the application will automatically recognize it. Additionally, you are able to set the destination folder the way you want.

Still, what’s quite important to know when connecting a USB device to your PC is that it needs to be configured as a FAT16 or FAT32 file system. Considering that these devices are delivered with such file systems and require to be formatted so they can be automatically converted to NTFS format, you might need to use a new USB device.

The second option enables you to restore the USB drive image from the current device. After locating the image stored in your computer, you are able to recover all your data to it initial state without affecting the settings or other configurations.

Considering all of the above, Novicorp Bootable USB Replicator proves to be a steady and effective solution when it comes to creating a bootable image of your USB drive.

Novicorp Bootable USB Replicator was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on December 27th, 2013
Novicorp Bootable USB Replicator - Novicorp Bootable USB Replicator enables you to choose whether to create a new USB bootable image or restore an existing one.Novicorp Bootable USB Replicator - Users can easily create self-extracting or regular images using Novicorp Bootable USB Replicator.Novicorp Bootable USB Replicator - Novicorp Bootable USB Replicator detects the connected USB devices and enables you to choose the one you want to backup.Novicorp Bootable USB Replicator - screenshot #4

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