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A complex and reliable piece of software that functions as a universal disk manager, allowing you to fix and tune, repair and recover, or backup and migrate your disk




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PrimeMechanic is an advanced and efficient program created to offer you the means of fixing a wide range of disk issues, enabling you to create a boot disk on a portable USB drive which you can run on restarting your PC, in order to begin the repair process.

The application firstly requires you to download the utility to the preferred USB device, bearing in mind that it needs to have a capacity of over 100 MB, for all of the components of PrimeMechanic to fit onto it.

Once complete, you can restart your computer and press the keyboard button that will send your PC into safe mode (which varies depending on the manufacturer; the regular options are F1, F2 or F10). Afterward, you need to select the device from which the system should boot, specifically the USB you installed PrimeMechanic on.

The tool is made up of four main components, namely the ‘Disk Reviver’, the ‘Partitioner’, the ‘SMART Health’ and the ‘Performance Analyzer’, each one with its individual functionality and purpose.

Using the ‘Disk Reviver’, you can improve your disk’s performance (the read and write speeds), prevent file corruption, as well as fix any detected bad sectors (which have not suffered physical damage) and prevent their occurrence in the future.

The ‘Paritioner’ is meant to create and format new disk partitions, as well as increase the size of existing ones or remove the ones you no longer need. The ‘SMART Health’ component serves in analyzing the status of your disk, reporting any discovered errors on up to two hundred and fifty attributes.

The ‘Performance Analyzer’ can help you determine the read times in various disk sectors, as well as the speed of continuous or random data transfer operations. The results are then displayed in a chart, enabling you to monitor your computer’s performance over time.
Last updated on June 17th, 2014
PrimeMechanic - After installing PrimeMechanic on a USB disk, you can restart your computer and select the device to boot fromPrimeMechanic - The Disk Sector Optimzation function enables you to repair an entire drive or only a selected rangePrimeMechanic - The SMART Health Status option enables you to determine the health of your disk in order to decide how to continuePrimeMechanicPrimeMechanic

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