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A practical and reliable application that provides you with a simple means of creating RAM disk devices in order to store temporary files on them

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Usually, RAM disk devices are used to store temporary or cache files, thus improving system performance.

With the help of StarWind RAM Disk you are able to quickly add as many RAM disk devices as you want then store junk files and folders on them. After that, you can format the created partitions and get rid of such files without affecting your computer performance and responsiveness.

The main window of the application displays all the available devices. In case you want to add new ones, you can either access the option available in the main toolbar or from the Device menu. Then, you can easily set specific parameters such as the local RAM disk size in MBs and mount the current disk automatically.

If the first option namely ‘Create formatted disk’ is selected, the new RAM disk will be formatted so that it can be used immediately, otherwise you need to format it manually.

The second option, entitled ‘Automount this device’, makes your RAM disk device available right after your computer restarts.

Afterwards, you can view all the created RAM devices in the main window and inspect each one’s properties using the corresponding right-click option.

When you want to remove a RAM disk device, you can easily choose one of the three options that the application provides you with. Either you use the ‘Remove Device’ option from the right-click menu or from the main toolbar, or simply access the Device menu.

In case the current disk is locked by an application or by a process, you can remove the device by using the ‘Force Remove Device’ option available in the context menu.

In closing, StarWind RAM Disk comes in handy for users who need to create multiple RAM disk devices in order to save temporary files and folders.

StarWind RAM Disk was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on December 23rd, 2013
StarWind RAM Disk - This is the main window of StarWind RAM Disk from where you can manage your local RAM disks.StarWind RAM Disk - From this window you will be able to create a new local RAM disk device.StarWind RAM Disk - The Preferences window of StarWind RAM Disk allows you to setup your current language and skin.StarWind RAM Disk - screenshot #4StarWind RAM Disk - screenshot #5

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