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A compact tool that allows you to create a graphical boot interface that enables your computer to use multiple operating systems

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XORBOOT is a lightweight Windows application designed specifically for helping you create a graphical boot interface in order to use multiple operating systems on your computer. The program gives you the possibility to manage the boot of up to sixteen system types, such as Grub4DOS, SYSLINUX, NTLDR/BOOTMGR, PLoP Boot Manager, IMG/ISO or FreeDOS, as well as customize the boot menu.

Portable running mode

The portable package can be deployed on your system without having to follow an installation process. It doesn't store any configuration settings and entries in the Windows registry. Plus, you may copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices and take it with you whenever you need to generate a graphical boot interface.

User interface

You are welcomed by a clean and simple layout that allows you to open the existing XORBOOT configuration or create a new one with the aid of several dedicated parameters.

Bad news is that there’s no support for a help manual, so rookies may spend some time experimenting with the built-in features.

Edit an existing configuration

XORBOOT gives you the possibility to open a configuration by reading data from MBR or PBR, reading data from a specified disk or LBA (logical block addressing), importing information from binary files or adding data from ISO images.

Configuration settings

The tool comes packed with several global settings for helping you select the disk access mode (force LBA mode, force CHS mode or automatically detect the mode), automatically select items based on the last selection or default OS, as well as enter the default number of boot items.

Additionally, you can hide the selection menu, boot when timeout reaches a user-defined value, show countdown, alter the countdown color and alignment, hide copyright, conceal boot information, as well as choose the screen size and menu style.

What’s more, you can make the application automatically center the text or specify its alignment, choose the border color, add background picture and highlight picture file, show or hide the menu frame, load picture by sector number and specify the sectors.

The best part about this configuration process is that the application implements a dedicated panel where you can preview the adjustments applied to the configuration in real-time.

Boot options

XORBOOT gives you the possibility to choose the boot type (boot from PBR or file, search and boot from file, boot from specified sector, shut down, reboot, boot from next device, splitter).

Depending on the desired boot type, the tool bundles several tweaking parameters related to filename, disk and partition number, system type (e.g. Partition Boot Record, Master Boot Record, ISO, IMG, Plop Boot Manager), hotkey, password and other options as well. What’s more, you can customize the graphics menu and alter the text menu in terms of font, font style, size.

An overall powerful and reliable boot manager

All in all, XORBOOT comes with an advanced feature pack for helping you generate a multiboot interface for your computer, so you can work with different operating systems or emulation packages, and is suitable especially for professional users.

XORBOOT was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on October 1st, 2014
XORBOOT - XORBOOT displays the list of available boot types and allows you to create a new configuration.XORBOOT - You can open an existing configuration by reading it from the hard drive or from a specified ISO file.XORBOOT - The program enables you to create a new boot settings file by specifying the interface parameters.XORBOOT - screenshot #4XORBOOT - screenshot #5

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