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Installing Windows XP every once in a while and configuring it to be exactly as you want it can be a painful routine because it involves lots of settings, multiple drivers and applications that the user needs to install and customize every time.

That's why tools like WinFuture xp-Iso-Builder have been developed. This software enables you to personalize the Windows installation CD and include several goodies you will surely need after the OS is in place.

First of all, you are prompted to choose whether to integrate a service pack in the installation kit, so that you won't need to run the update feature every time after dropping a fresh copy of Windows XP.

The next step is a bit more complicated as it involves some computer experience because you have to choose between the features your future Windows copies will have. For instance, you can choose to remove the language bar, show the sound volume icon in the System Tray or not, use a classic control panel, disable the CD autorun or the desktop clean-up wizard and many other.

The possibilities are endless and include not only handling options, but also settings related to look and feel, performance and security of the OS, so you will need a lot of time to check every single one.

Last but not least, WinFuture xp-Iso-Builder allows you to integrate drivers and downloadable applications into the installation kit, which means every single file will be copied onto the hard disk along with the fresh Windows copy, thus saving you lots of time.

To conclude, WinFuture xp-Iso-Builder is indeed a very handy tool and since it comes as a light package, it can be easily included in your utility belt.

WinFuture xp-Iso-Builder was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 1st, 2012
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