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A lightweight utility that enables you to quickly search for files on your computer, depending on their name, size, date or extension

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The continuous technological advancements now allow hard drives to contain massive amounts of information, which is usually spread out into different files and folders. Hence, it has become increasingly difficult and time consuming to search for the desired files and documents, especially if you need to find more than one instance of the same item.

A quick and simple file finder

3R FILE FINDER is an application devised in order to offer you an easier solution to this problem, allowing you to quickly search and find files on your drive by specifying their name, date and extension. In addition, you can also only enter part of their filename, in case you do not remember the entire title of the document in question.

Used as a general file finder, the utility enables you to select the desired drive or folder you want to localize the search to, or scour the entire computer for any matches. After you have made the selection, the scan results are displayed in an organized list, which gives you information regarding the size, system path and filename of every found item.

Perform selective searches

In case you have a bit more knowledge about the documents you are trying to find, you can use it to tell the application what to look for. Thus, you can specify the date it was created on, or when it was last accessed by someone and ignore everything that does not fit the desired time span. In addition, you can search them by size and enter the exact value in kilobytes to look for.

As it might happen, you may not be aware of the exact size for every document on your hard disk. In that situation, you can use approximations and specify the minimum and maximum size of the files, albeit the application only allows you to enter the values in kilobytes, which can prove to be a bit of a bother.

A practical, yet unfinished document finder

As with any new arrival, 3R FILE FINDER still has some edges that need polishing in order to be effectively used as a day-to-day utility. The occasional crashes and errors, as well as the somewhat clunky interface make it an yet unfinished product, which could, however, turn into a useful utility once it is refined.

3R FILE FINDER was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 28th, 2014
3R FILE FINDER - You can choose the location to look in, as well as enter the desired keyword, into the main window of the application.3R FILE FINDER - The Date section allows you to specify the creation date, as well as when the file was last accessed.3R FILE FINDER - You can specify the exact size of the desired documents, by manually entering the value in kilobytes.3R FILE FINDER - screenshot #4

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