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This simple to use application offers you the possibility to open advanced function presentations, then it displays their contents





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AFPLookup Professional  is an software tool designed for the analysis of AFPDS data streams. To the professional document developer, this program offers support-developing AFP-documents, no matter which software is being used.

Using this application you can explore the structure of advanced function presentations and you can search for text in the documents.

This program offers support for all AFP objects that have been specified by IBM, it is also able to analyze files with 70 code pages already installed - in each language desired.
Last updated on February 10th, 2014
AFPLookup Professional - AFPLookup Professional is a utility that allows you to open and analyze advanced function presentations.AFPLookup Professional - The application offers you the possibility to open files stored on your computer and displays a list of previous projects.AFPLookup Professional - From the Edit menu, you can search the contents of your document for specific words.AFPLookup ProfessionalAFPLookup ProfessionalAFPLookup ProfessionalAFPLookup ProfessionalAFPLookup ProfessionalAFPLookup Professional

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