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A handy and easy to work with file manager especially designed for your Android APK files, helping you organize them and update the apps

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APK File Manager aims to assist you in organizing your APK collection and keeping track of the latest versions for all your favorite Android apps. Making use of the Android SDK, it can help you manage all your installed and purchased mobile apps and games from the comfort of your PC.

Reads basic information for each APK file

The application can read the content of a folder in your computer and extract data concerning each contained APK file. It retrieves the app name, its icon, the version, displaying all this information alongside the file name, location and size. Moreover, it can determine whether the version you have is the latest or not.

Extracts data and screenshots from the Play Store

You can view details about each app or game, such as the package name and the revision number or even go further and download information from the Google Play Store (if the app is listed), such as the official name, the latest available version, the category it is included in, its price (if available) and the rating. Additionally, APK File Manager can also grab screenshots from the Play Store and show them to you, with options to store them locally for offline accessing.

Renaming options

APK File Manager can create rename patterns containing multiple variables, helping you quickly remove non-ASCII characters from the original name. It can change the name of a single file or perform batch renaming operations to alter multiple APKs. Also, it features options to move files to folders named after the Play Store categories.

A reliable file organizer for your APK files

APK File Manager gives you a helping hand in easily categorizing APK files backed up on your computer and manage your collection in an efficient manner. It can show you when a certain app is outdated, so that you can get the latest version.

APK File Manager was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on September 18th, 2015
APK File Manager - You can use APK File Manager to manage your mobile apps from the comfort of your computer.APK File Manager - Right-clicking on any of the displayed apps opens a menu that enables you to rename the file or delete it.APK File Manager - APK File Manager can grab information about the selected app from the Google Play Store.APK File Manager - screenshot #4

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