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Bidirectional synchronization utility that can take care of copying files, so that you don't have to do this manually every time

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Allway Sync is a powerful application designed to help you synchronize the files from multiple folders. If you use multiple computers and want to share the same files in the personal folders, this tool can help you.

Unlike other folder synchronization applications, this tool uses a complex algorithm that is not based on the computer time. This allows you to synchronize the content of a local folder with multiple locations such as a FTP server or an Amazon S3 account.

In order to synchronize the desired locations you need to create a job by specifying the location of the folder or the connection parameters for the remote locations. It can also be used for syncing a folder to a Google Cloud Storage, SkyDrive and Amazon Cloud Drive account.

For some locations such as the Dropbox account you need to authorize the application by requesting a token. The program helps you by automatically opening the webpage in the default browser.

The user can customize each job by editing a set of parameters in order to specify the files that need to be synchronized. You can also specify how the program handles the errors and files that are deleted during the synchronization.

If you need to perform the synchronization automatically, Allway Sync enables you to select the event that should trigger the synchronization. You can start a sync when you connect a removable device, before you log off from the computer or by using fixed time intervals.

The interface is easy to understand and allows you to preview the files detected during the folder analysis. The error messages are clearly visible and the app prevents you from starting the sync before dealing with them. This prevents the users from accidentally deleting multiple files by selecting a different folder in the job configuration.

Although the application provides you with multiple configuration options it is suitable for both seasoned and casual computer users. The documentation allows the user to quickly get accustomed with the basic functions.

Allway Sync is a flexible application that can cover most of your synchronization needs in a single interface.

Allway Sync was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on August 21st, 2015
Allway Sync - This is the main window of Allway Sync where you can choose the source and the destination locations for synchronizationAllway Sync - Allway Sync will offer users the possibility to select the type of location that suits their needsAllway Sync - From the View menu, you can easily select the toolbars that you need and access the Options window.Allway Sync - By accessing the Job menu, you can analyze the folders and perform a syncronization job.Allway Sync - screenshot #5Allway Sync - screenshot #6Allway Sync - screenshot #7Allway Sync - screenshot #8Allway Sync - screenshot #9

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