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Modify file attributes, time stamps and names via the right-click menu, apply advanced filters, view reports with changed files, and run simulations

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With the help of Attribute Changer you can not only modify file attributes but also date and time stamps. This is an advanced and highly intuitive application that integrates into the Windows Explorer shell to grant you easy access to a file's properties.

Notable features include automatic reports for keeping track of tampered files, along with a simulation mode for previewing changes. More importantly, it offers support for batch processing, so you can modify attributes for a selection of multiple files (regardless of their format).

Context menu integration

After a rapid and uncomplicated setup operation, Attribute Changer creates an entry labeled "Change Attributes..." into the right-click menu and organizes its options into three panes dedicated to the customizable file properties, reports, and program settings, respectively.

Change file attributes, names and stamps

It's possible to mark file attributes (read-only, hidden, system, compressed, archive, index), as well as to convert the file name, extension or both to uppercase or lowercase.

Date and time stamps can be modified for the filesystem (creation, last modification or last access) and pictures. Alternatively, you can update just parts of these stamps (day, month, year, hours, minutes, seconds) as well as generate random stamps based on a date and time range.

Advanced filters, reports, and app settings

Those who want to fiddle with advanced settings may apply filters for the date and time (e.g. created between..), along with size (between.., smaller than.., larger than..). What's more, you can create exception lists with file names, whether you want to include or exclude all files (extensions can be grouped together).

Any modifications made are automatically recorded in reports. You can ask the app to save file and folder related settings on exit and load them on startup, sort the results list, disable detailed reporting mode, or append the menu to the context menu's end.

Evaluation and conclusion

Unsurprisingly, the tool had minimal impact on computer performance in our tests, using low CPU and memory. It didn't hang, crash or prompt error messages, and apply file changes swiftly. Taking all into consideration, Attribute Changer proves to be a resourceful and simple-to-use application for modifying various file properties.

Attribute Changer was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 13th, 2015
Attribute Changer - The application integrates in the context menu of files and folders and allows users to change attributesAttribute Changer - The main window allows users to modify the filename, the attributes and the timestamps of the chosen fileAttribute Changer - The Photo tab is the place where users can customize the date and time attributes for their imagesAttribute Changer - screenshot #4Attribute Changer - screenshot #5Attribute Changer - screenshot #6Attribute Changer - screenshot #7

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