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Rename multiple files by removing or replacing strings, inserting new parts or numbers, modifying extensions, or even completely changing their name

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Batch FileName Editor is an advanced Windows application developed to batch rename files, providing multiple dedicated features to enhance the whole experience.

Using Batch FileName Editor you can easily remove, replace or insert special strings in any file name, all with the help of a very clean and user-friendly GUI.

The interface groups all essential tools in just one screen and prompts users to select the files and folders to be processed from the very beginning. The main window shows file name, modification date, size and type for each displayed item.

The top of the window is being used to provide access to the main features of the app, so you can remove or replace characters, insert new ones, change some, modify extensions or simply save a file list to text.

Once you start any of these task, Batch FileName Editor launches a whole new configuration screen that lets you adjust multiple parameters concerning the modifications you wish to perform. For example, if you're trying to remove some characters, you can either delete a string or a part, keep a part or clear symbols.

A preview screen is also available, showing both the old file names and the new file names in a very clean layout.

What's more, Batch FileName Editor comes with shell integration too, which means that you can simply select the files you want to process in Windows Explorer and start a renaming just by right-clicking them.

All things considered, Batch FileName Editor is indeed a handy piece of software that has a bit of everything. It's user-friendly and fast, it doesn't affect system performance in any way and comes with plenty of configuration options for each supported action.

Batch FileName Editor was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on June 5th, 2012
Batch FileName Editor - You can manually add files to rename or select a folder and the application loads all the files inside itBatch FileName Editor - Batch FileName Editor allows you to choose files and change their names by removing or replacing stringsBatch FileName Editor - You can replace strings in filenames by specifying them and their replacement optionBatch FileName Editor - Inserting new elements in a filename is possible by writing the desired content and choosing the position it takesBatch FileName Editor - The application can completely change filenames to new ones and convert them to lower or upper caseBatch FileName Editor - You can convert extension cases to lower or upper case and also change extensions completelyBatch FileName Editor - You can toggle prompting for confirmation before renaming and playing a sound after completing a taskBatch FileName Editor - Excluding certain words and auto-copying mouse-selected text to input box can be toggledBatch FileName Editor - You can choose to display results after name changes, show hidden files, folders and system files

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