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Take advantage of the multitude of syncronization options, update and create backup files using this lightweight software utility

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Files on your computer can easily be lost or damaged by malicious software or simply from a transfer process. A backup copy can be created to be on the safe side, and you can do this with the help of specialized applications such as CopyTo Synchronizer.

Handle files with care

In the main window you are able to prepare the process between two folders of your choice. A source and a target must be set, as well as the mode itself which determines what will happen with the given files.

A large variety of functions are supported by the application, ranging from moving and deleting, to several ways of creating a backup for important files. Hitting the “Properties” button will let you customize each mode to make them as efficient as possible, but also suit your needs.

Create projects for faster management

Once satisfied with your current configuration, the “Projects” tab gives you the possibility to generate a function that will automatically execute the command you prepared, without further need to open the application itself.

With modes like “update” which only copies modified files, using a project can save a lot of time. All of these are saved in a given location, and can be opened at any given time for certain tweaks.

Furthermore, you can enable a shortcut in the context menu when right clicking a file to access predefined functions much faster. It brings up the main window but with the source being the path of your file.

In conclusion

All in all, CopyTo Synchronizer is a safe way to move your files between folders located on other computers. You might get lost trying to configure all of its modes however, this is only because of the multitude of options you can take advantage of.

CopyTo Synchronizer was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on April 9th, 2014
CopyTo Synchronizer - CopyTo Synchronizer will help you quickly and easily synchronize and back up your files with powerful toolsCopyTo Synchronizer - The Mode menu will provide users with Copy, Move, Backup, Synchronize, Update, Restore or File Compare optionsCopyTo Synchronizer - Users will be able to Generate projects, select the destination location or Load / Save projects from the Projects tabCopyTo Synchronizer - screenshot #4CopyTo Synchronizer - screenshot #5CopyTo Synchronizer - screenshot #6CopyTo Synchronizer - screenshot #7CopyTo Synchronizer - screenshot #8CopyTo Synchronizer - screenshot #9CopyTo Synchronizer - screenshot #10

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