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A cleaning tool that allows to detect duplicate files, offering possibilities to remove them or to create symbolic links to the original

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DeDupler is a lightweight application that can search for and identify duplicate files in order to free up space on your computer. This is possible via a comparison process that can follow various criteria defined by the user.

DeDupler is characterized by a simple design, although this does not tamper at all with its functionality and this is a fact proven during our tests. Despite needing a facelift, Deduper can accomplish the task accurately, providing a decent series of options in this respect.

The application is able to process only one folder at a time, which may pose a dose of inconvenience to users who want to process larger amounts of data, but we’re hoping to see this feature in the next releases.

The duplicate verification criteria is a process based on user-defined rules. The main principle that DeDupler uses is that of a hash check (with support for MD5 and SHA12), which can be complemented by an extension comparison that will set the application to restrict the search to a custom list of formats.

The scan process can take a while, depending on the amount of data located in the selected folder, but if it helps, the evolution is shown in real-time inside the main GUI of the program.

The results are displayed inside a list that highlights the duplicate files with the same color, so you can easily tell which are the clone items. As far as processing options are concerned, you can opt for a complete removal or for replacing the duplicates with symbolic links, which is another way of creating a shortcuts to the original file.

The features missing from DeDupler are the possibility to scan multiple folders at once, as well as more advanced search criteria (by tags, byte, filename, etc). With a better design and some of the recommendations we’ve made, it could come across as beyond average.

DeDupler was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on November 14th, 2013
DeDupler - DeDupler has a simple interface that allows you to choose the target folder and file types to be scanned.DeDupler - DeDupler displays the progress of the operations in the main window and you can stop it at any time.DeDupler - After the scan is complete, DeDupler will display the results in a new window from which you can process the dupes.

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