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Directory Tree List Maker is a program with a name which pretty much sums up its functionality - it allows you to create a plain text document (TXT) from a tree view. Thus, you can easily keep track of the files and folders from your computer.

The interface of the tool is plain and uncomplicated, so less experienced users should not encounter difficulties in figuring out Directory Tree List Maker's features.

Selecting a directory can be done by using only the folder view, since the 'drag and drop' method is not supported. Once you establish the output location and filename, you can create the TXT file.

Besides a list of all files and folders, you may also view details regarding the date of creation and last access for each item, along with the attributes. However, these settings can be configured from the 'Options' screen.

Therefore, you can enable a name length and path depth limit (particularly useful in case of countless files and folders in a location), display file content and the full names of items, as well as hide the columns for creation, access or last write time, file size or attributes.

The application has a good response time, finishes a task in reasonable time while using a low amount of CPU and system memory, and includes a brief help documentation. No error dialogs have popped up during our evaluation and Directory Tree List Maker did not hang or crash. Unfortunately, no recent updates have been made.

Directory Tree List Maker was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on March 4th, 2013
Directory Tree List Maker - Directory Tree List Maker allows you to output as a text a list of all data (files and directories) that is included in a directory you can select.Directory Tree List Maker - This software uses a recursive method to display contents of all directories that are included in the directory you select.Directory Tree List Maker - From the Options window, Directory Tree List Maker gives you the possibility to modify various settings.

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