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Find duplicate files in your computer with the help of this lightweight tool that can search for and compare SHA-1 hash values in multiple directories

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Duplicate files in your computer can end up occupying important amounts of storage space, especially if you want to create backups on external devices. Fortunately, there is a plethora of applications that you can use to organize your files and detect duplicates that you don't really need.

One of the tools in this category is suggestively called Double File Scanner, a handy application that can analyze one or more directories in your computer and compare the content of files in order to find dupes.

Simple approach and ease of use

Double File Scanner is very intuitive, so using it should pose no problem to anyone. Practically, your only task is to select the folders to scan and then sit and wait for the application to do its job.

When pressing the 'Start Scan' button a new window is displayed, enabling you to add the desired folders to the list. Once you do so, press the 'OK' button to initiate the analysis.

Find dupes by comparing SHA-1 values

Double File Scanner tries to identify duplicates by comparing the SHA-1 hash values of all files. All the found matches are displayed within the main window in tree view, enabling you to immediately take action to remove identical files from your PC or rename them.

It features optional recursive sub-directory search, so it can look for similar files in all the sub-folders.

A fast and reliable duplicate finder

Double File Scanner comes in handy for finding files with identical content. It stores all the hash values it computes in a table, ensuring fast processing speed and quick retrieval of results.

Thanks to its multi-threaded scanning mode, hash computation is fast and you can view a list of all the duplicates within just a few seconds.

Double File Scanner was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on August 7th, 2014
Double File Scanner - In order to start a new task, you must select two or more directories you want Double File Scanner to compare.Double File Scanner - Double File Scanner can detect duplicate files in your computer, enabling you to clean up storage space.Double File Scanner - You can use the 'Edit' button to open a file, navigate to its location, rename or delete it.

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